Looking to buy a home in Atlanta? Moving to the city soon? Then you need to watch this video!

Atlanta real estate is booming! Home prices and rents are up across the city, providing appreciation and wealth to local real estate owners. But not all neighborhoods within Atlanta, Georgia are created equally!

The fastest-growing ZIP codes have tripled – that’s right, tripled – their values over the last five years! These neighborhoods are located close to Midtown/West Midtown, and have provided home owners and real estate investors with huge profits.

But why have these ZIP codes done so well? And what can their success say about which areas to invest in the future?

Well, first-time home buyers who care about appreciation will want to prioritize three things in the neighborhood they look for: 1) highly educated nearby population, 2) walkability, 3) affordability. Areas that combine these factors provide the best future appreciation and growth potential!

The affordability point is key. ZIP codes that are expensive tend to have lower growth potential than areas that are affordable. That’s why neighborhoods like Buckhead have much lower growth rates than ones like Cabbage Town, Bankhead, and College Park.

Using data from the US Census Bureau and Zillow, Reventure Consulting has identified the following ZIP codes as the best for investment:

30318 (West Midtown)
30304 (East Point)
30337 (College Park)
30340 (Doraville)
30096 (Duluth)

0:00 Intro
1:17 Income & Job Growth
6:25 County and ZIP Detail
10:00 Highest Growth ZIPs
13:05 Where’s the Future Growth?
15:50 Neighborhoods to Target

Reventure Consulting uses data analytics to help home buyers and real estate investors find the best areas for investment appreciation, growth, and security.

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