It was my mission for 6 days to find 20 FUN THINGS to do in GEORGIA! I fell in love with this country since the very first day I landed here. I hope I can inspire you too to visit this place and find out for yourself what made me love this country in the first place!
Enjoy the video!

Special mention to the #1 BEST ENGLISH SPEAKING PRIVATE LOCAL TOUR GUIDE in GEORGIA Aleqsandre Nozadze and his wife Nino Nikoladze! I highly recommend him to do your tours! He’s really great at what he does! For the same amount you can spend for GROUP TOURS, his PRIVATE TOURS are more convenient, fun and exciting! You can travel around Georgia at your own pace! No need to hurry and stay in one location for a brief period of time unlike in GROUP TOURS! At the same time, you get the luxury of riding a spacious car rather than squeezing yourself into these tight tour busses!

You can reach him thru these information:
FACEBOOK: Seeing Georgia
WHATSAPP: +995599377287
VIBER: +995599377287
GMAIL: nicetrip.

He took good care of us and our tours! They have been sooooo wonderful all throughout!

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