so sorry for the lack of videos (georgia tech is hard!) but i wanted to show you guys around my dorm/college room! i’m a second year so i get my own room in a shared apartment! also this video is super realistic (let’s be honest a college dorm doesn’t look luxurious at all)

first day of classes vlog:
college move-in vlog:
how to get straight As in hard college classes:
what’s in my college pencil case:
what’s in my college backpack:

a little bit about me:

hi im mira! born and raised in the bay area, im currently living in atlanta and attending georgia tech as a design student! i want to create videos that showcase some of my favorite things: health, lifestyle, productivity, design, and my genuine college experience—and hopefully help a few people along the way!

feel free to leave any comments or requests down below :’)


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