Last weekend, Augusta fathers, Edward “EJ” Kirk and his childhood friend, Eynn Wilson, both unable to swim, were on a pontoon boat on Clarks Hill Lake in Lincolnton, Georgia enjoying a beautiful day when a female who was in their company pushed one if the men into the water and the day turned into a terrible tragedy.


A video shared all across social media platforms appears to show that Augusta fathers Eynn Wilson and EJ Kirk drowned after one of them was pushed into Clarks Hill Lake on Sunday.

Eynn Wilson, 37, was apparently on a boat with his childhood friend, Edward “EJ” Kirk. Earlier reports suggested that EJ Kirk fell into the water and Eynn Wilson went in after him. But the video clearly shows a woman pushing two people into the water before screams are heard that they can’t swim.

A witness says this: “In the clip, it is one of the victims (EJ) and another woman (who had the yellow vest around her neck but not secured). When they pushed him into the water she was right in front of him at the edge of the pontoon and they both went in together. She has braids in her hair. You can hear in the audio the guy says “EJ get her”. What you don’t see in this clip is when some of the people on the boat pull her back onto the boat as EJ drifts further away from the boat. The other victim Eynn who was on the other boat witnesses EJ struggling to stay afloat then jumps into the water to attempt to save him. There are multiple videos and you can see that Eynn was fully dressed.”

According to media reports, officials with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will begin searching again Tuesday morning for Eynn Wilson and EJ Kirk. The search has included drones as well as two Columbia County Fire and Dive Team boats as well as a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office boat.

Eynn Wilson and EJ Kirk reportedly fell into the water near the Cherokee Boat Ramp, and the search has changed from a rescue to a recovery mission. Game Wardens said there were two boats in the water, but the two Augusta men, Eynn Wilson and EJ Kirk, came off the boat together.

This is a TERRIBLE tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to both families of this tragedy. One thing is for sure though….horseplay and water are not a good combination.

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