Breaking! Hamas Launches Rocket Attack on Israeli Coasts! Cease-fire has broken!
Minister Naftali Bennett, who has long been opposing Iran’s uranium enrichment and trying to prevent terrorist activities in the region, started to clear Iran-backed militants from the Middle East with his sharp moves.
Explaining that Gaza rockets evacuated their bases after they landed in Tel Aviv, the organization announced that the Israel Defense Forces were preparing to respond to this attack, and that they were preparing by evacuating their own bases.
Large explosions were heard in a number of central Israel cities around 7 a.m.

Video circulating on social media showed an explosion in the sea off the coast of Jaffa.
The group’s armed wing, the al-Quds Brigades, evacuated all of its positions in Gaza and was preparing for the coming hours.
In the immediate wake of the shooting, the military had ordered farmers to stay away from land near the Gaza border.
The incidents came after a relatively quiet period and amid intense efforts to reach a stable, long-term ceasefire following a major escalation of violence last May which saw thousands of projectiles fired at Israel and the IDF responding with strikes.


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