Top 7 Cities that are YOUNG, GROWING, and AFFORDABLE. They might even become the NEXT Austin, TX. Home buyers and real estate investors should look into these cities!

Austin is America’s fastest-growing city and Housing Market. Home prices are up a massive 45% over the last year and 130% over the last decade, providing huge returns to those who bought homes and condos across in Austin. But now Austin is priced out and looks to be in a massive Housing Bubble.

But home buyers and investors still want to find cities like Austin – with youth, economic growth, and affordability – where they can buy into the 2022 Housing Market. This video by Reventure Consulting will detail the 7 CITIES that have the best chance of becoming the NEXT Austin, TX.


Located just 60mi south of Austin, San Antonio has similar levels of growth but home prices that are 50% lower. A diverse economy and high migration means that people keep flocking to San Antonio. Many remote workers who are currently in Austin are also moving down here, making the San Antonio Housing Market a worth while place to look.


The hidden gem. The city that feels like Austin felt like 20 years ago. Oklahoma City is still early into its growth cycle, and the cheap home prices prove it. According to Zillow the typical home is worth $192k – massive 63% cheaper than Austin.


The home of the NCAA and Eli Lilly is also a burgeoning tech hub. Indianapolis boasts one of the most well-rounded economies on this list and has experienced positive migration for 30 years in a row. Meanwhile the typical home is valued at only $235k. Can you say AFFORDABILITY?


Like Austin, Savannah is known for its tourism, with many bachelor and bachelorette parties making their way down here. But did you know that Savannah also has some of the highest rates of job growth in America? While also maintaining a youthful population and strong arts scene?


Tech startups in Columbus raised over $1 Billion from Venture Capital Funds over the last year. This underrated tech hub also has big growth coming from Ohio State University and the strong medical industry across the metro. Meanwhile you can buy the typical home in Columbus for $260k and a nice home for only $400k!


Dubbed the “Rocket City”, Huntsville has one of the highest concentration of software developers in America. It also has one of the highest average wages while maintaining home prices well below the US average. The Huntsville Housing Market is already booming, so it might be hard to buy right now.


Fayetteville / Bentonville / Northwest Arkansas is growing faster than pretty much anywhere else in America. The metro’s job growth over the last 5 years is better than Phoenix and Dallas. Walmart and the University of Arkansas are two big economic drivers. While the typical home is still only $260k. The Fayetteville Housing Market has spiked over the last year, and could correct in the short-term. But over the long-run it’s growth is just getting started.

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0:00 7 BOOMTOWNS that are the Next Austin
1:28 How I Made This List: 3 KEY TRAITS
2:14 #7 Boomtown: San Antonio, TX
3:42 #6 Boomtown: Oklahoma City, OK
5:08 #5 Boomtown: Indianapolis, IN
6:25 #4 Boomtown: Savannah, GA
7:46 GET Ready for the TOP 3!
8:14 #3 Boomtown: Columbus, OH
9:41 #2 Boomtown: Huntsville, AL
11:14 #1 Boomtown: Fayetteville, AR
12:53 All Hope is NOT LOST! The Next Austin!

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