in this video, i give a breakdown of my college application to georgia tech as well as my general common app. i talk about my stats, essays, and extracurricular activities as well as give some important advice that i wish i knew before applying to college.

please note that i am not affiliated with the office of admissions and this is purely for educational purposes. also, i am only one out of the thousands of accepted applicants—this is just my story. i hope that this video can help guide you through the hectic college application process—it’s a super stressful time but i can assure you things will work out. though you may have your eye on a certain college, know that you can pretty much define your own college experience anywhere. nevertheless, good luck to those applying and let me know if you have any questions!


honest georgia tech q+a:
everything we love and hate about georgia tech (rating our college experience):
why i chose georgia tech (and what i wish i knew before committing) :
a busy college day in my life at georgia tech:
first day of classes vlog:
college move-in vlog:
what’s in my college pencil case:
how to get straight As in HARD college classes:
what i learned during my freshman year of college
things i wish i knew before freshman year of college


hey there, i’m mira! 😊 born and raised in the bay area, i’m currently studying product design at georgia tech. i hope to share with you all things related to wellness, productivity, design, and my genuine college & internship experiences.
👀 feel free to leave any comments or requests down below!


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// time stamps //
0:00 video topics overview
0:48 personal experience disclaimer
1:12 everything will be okay!
1:36 applicant details
2:58 georgia tech’s holistic review process
4:10 extracurriculars + tips
5:55 extracurriculars advice
6:35 essay tips
7:48 why georgia tech essay tips
9:36 stats advice
10:00 stats: your high school matters
11:22 my stats (gpa, APs, act)
13:50 don’t go on college confidential lol!!
14:28 teacher and counselor recommendations
14:48 choosing teachers and counselors
15:42 concluding advice


#GeorgiaTech how i got into georgia tech college institute of technology advice general stats essays extracurricular activities application season decision reveal tips


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