Georgia Real Estate Investor Plumbing Tips. Cast Iron Pipe Tips and fixes to think about when rehabbing older homes with cast iron Pipe. whether it is a clog broken pipe the process maybe the same, or your best bet maybe to hire a plumber. Now if you want to tackle the job and have the time you may save yourself a lot of money. Make sure you have the time and correct materials to do the job which includes a couple of water bladders for plugged pipes, a metal coat hanger or drain snake, a tape measure, hammer, pipe wrenches, hack saw, (PVC in proper sizes, PVC glue and primer cleaner, pencil to mark pipes, know where your clean out is, know where the water shut off is, know where the nearest plumbing store is (not Home Depot) and that it is still open, safety glasses, plastic gloves and old clothes to wear, new trap fittings( if needed), couplings, reducers, hose clamps and the list may go on if you need a different fix. The plumbers at the plumbing store are most helpful and sometimes will even draw you a picture. What ever your decision. Plumbing and or fixing leaks and clogs takes time and a lot of thought to do it right. You can save labor cost buy doing it yourself if you know how! See more Georgia Real Estate Investor Tips at or Youtube videos at sell or buy houses


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