in this video, i talk about the reason i chose to attend georgia tech, and some things i wish i knew before committing. this is just my experience so don’t take it too seriously. also no college is perfect!


how i got into georgia tech (my stats, essays, ecs, & college advice!)
a busy college day in my life at georgia tech:
first day of classes vlog:
college move-in vlog:


hey there, i’m mira! 😊 born and raised in the bay area, i’m currently studying product design at georgia tech. i hope to share with you all things related to wellness, productivity, design, and my genuine college & internship experiences.
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time stamps:

0:00 intro
1:23 how i got in + colleges i got into
2:10 (pros) why i chose georgia tech
8:13 (cons) what i wish i knew before committing
16:48 how i feel about tech 2 years in


#georgiatech georgia tech gatech georgia institute of technology how i got in college why i chose what i like dislike love hate how to get into georgia tech how i got into georgia tech everything i love about georgia tech why i chose georgia tech


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