Response to comment concerns about laughter: At times, students were laughing at visuals in the video, such as the shark and sound suits as we had not yet discussed these symbols, not the BTS members themselves. Likewise, at times, students were laughing at the teacher dancing along at the front of the classroom out of frame. I encourage you to watch to the end of the video where there is some brief discussion.

As an introduction to their English Composition class focusing on media and participatory cultures, these students reacted to BTS’s new MV, #IDOL. In class, students will be watching and engaging with the “Bangtan Universe,” from HYYH to WINGS to LOVE YOURSELF. In many ways, this class considers transmedia storytelling and how audience interact with that storytelling. For example, students will read “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” and watch “Spring Day” to see how the two texts interacted. They will also consider audience reactions as “participatory culture.” Such as this reaction video!

Yes, they did all of this in a college-level English course.

Students decided how various elements of this video adhered to and departed from the genre conventions of “reaction videos.” After a couple months, the students will analyze the data for this video and consider how the video circulated.

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Disclaimer: The BTS IDOL MV is property of Big Hit Entertainment. It is being used here for educational purposes.

Watch BTS’s IDOL music video here:



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