The owner states that more needs to be done to assist small disadvantaged businesses. Moreover, he asked where are monies that were supposed to go to Section 3, and Empoverished Communities.

I like Mr. Head has often wondered what these federal guidelines has done for the real people living in low income communities. When everything seems to remain the same with little to no accountability from the local, state, or federal government to follow up on the programs they set up to cut the unemployment rate and reduce crime.

I asked Mr. Curtis Head how he accomplishes so much whith so few workers. He said; “I have top notch people” and they don’t mind doing what needs to be done to get the job done.” If it requires working overtime or doing a lots more; well we do it and call it a day and night!

After seeing how hard it is for small disadvantage businesses to compete and get the financial money required to back up projects. I was amazed how they refuse to allow anything to make them give up! It is a wonder; why local news papers, television, and radio seldom hear from the low income people and business owners here in South Georgia.


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