GOP attorney Sidney Powell withdrew her lawsuit in the U. S. Supreme Court challenging Georgia’s election results Tuesday, her second to be voluntarily dismissed, as the legal campaign to overturn President Donald Trump’s election loss has petered out in the waning days of his term.64. That’s how many post-election lawsuits the Trump and GOP lost or withdrew in its campaign to overturn the election results, according to a tally kept by Democratic Party attorney Marc Elias. They only netted one minor win, which struck down an extended deadline to correct mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania that were missing proof of identification and did not have a substantial impact on the election results. There are no pending lawsuits that pose any threat to Biden’s inauguration, though the U. S. Supreme Court could still take up a case concerning Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting deadline that could affect future elections. Powell may face consequences for the baseless election fraud conspiracy theories she has spread in and out of court: Dominion Voting Systems has filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against her for her claims involving the company’s voting machines. The city of Detroit is also attempting to sanction Powell and other attorneys involved in her Michigan case, filing a motion for sanctions in early January before the case was voluntarily withdrawn. The lawsuits over the election results were broadly decried by legal experts, who viewed the GOP’s legal arguments as meritless and nearly certain to fail—as they ultimately did, being struck down by even Trump-appointed judges. Many of the lawsuits sought to stop states from certifying their election results or invalidate the results after they had already been certified, an argument that largely became moot once Congress counted the electoral votes and formalized Biden’s win. Supreme Court Refuses To Consider GOP Post-Election Cases Before Biden Takes Office (Forbes)Sidney Powell’s Georgia Lawsuit Gets Thrown Out In Court (Forbes)Dominion Voting Sues Sidney Powell For Defamation Over Election Conspiracy—And Others May Be Next (Forbes)Detroit Files Request To Sanction, Potentially Disbar Sidney Powell And Other ‘Kraken’ Lawyers (Forbes)

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