Cannabis & CBD & Marijuana products & services deserve their category in any directory that claims to be comprehensive, and is thrilled to announce the addition of this category to its business directory listing 

Notoriously confusing, the cannabis and CBD industry is rapidly evolving. With a confusing assortment of products, brands and vendors, navigating this rapidly-evolving world of smokable, edible and sniffable products can be a formidable task for businesses, entrepreneurs, and other individuals. Fortunately, AiLOQ has come to the rescue by providing a comprehensive listing of companies, businesses, and informational products in this rapidly-rising industry.

Today, the US-based business listing platform is excited to inform the general public that they have added ‘Cannabis and CBD’ to their list of business directories. Now, Americans can find business owners in the Cannabis and CBD industry. The directory lets them filter results to find business owners in over 20 different categories in the industry, including CBD for pets, medical marijuana doctors, vapes and oils, consulting, cannabis delivery systems, alternative medicine practitioners, cannabis flowers, and much more.

With the addition of the Cannabis & CBD industry on business directory, businesses in the industry have a better shot at escaping the sandbox of obscurity caused by the evolving nature of the industry. AiLOQ now makes it easy to list a business in the Cannabis & CBD industry and enjoy tractions from its powerful digital marketing platform to elevate any business.

Furthermore, offers a simple, free, and highly customizable customer review and leads system where customers can review any business. The business directory website is working from the ground up to ensure a better customer experience, a better business reputation, and a better sales lead. is a digital advertising and marketing agency specializing in providing local business listings, business opportunities, adverts for available commercial properties, equipment, free quotes, and find expert services. The addition of the Cannabis and CBD business listing directory by AiLOQ is in the company’s bid to be a leading provider of business listing in the United States, helping brands and companies reach wider audiences across North America.

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About AiLOQ Corp. 

AiLOQ is an all-in-one business listing platform created to help businesses reach their target audience more effectively, generate more sales, and ultimately drive the growth of their brands. Based in New York, USA, AiLOQ provides comprehensive concierge-style expert digital marketing services that allow businesses to access innovative marketing solutions on one central platform.

Over the years, AiLOQ has grown in leaps and bounds, helping businesses in different parts of the world improve their online presence and expand their reach across several different online channels. As a marketplace for the sale of businesses, AiLOQ helps business owners and entrepreneurs by providing helpful resources to start, buy, run, grow, and sell a business.

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