Tbilisi, Georgia in the summer 2021: where to live and rent an apartment for expats: Vera, Vake, Saburtalo neighborhoods 👉🏻 https://olgapronkina.com/travel/summer-2021-in-tbilisi-georgia/
Tbilisi, Georgia TOP 5: my favourite places to see in 2021👉🏻 https://youtu.be/w7PEbOcl6aE
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Georgia became an expat/digital nomad hub since Asian countries are still mostly closed for travel. I spent summer 2021 in Tbilisi, Georgia and this video is about my personal experience, what I saw in different neighborhoods of Tbilisi. Hope it will help you make your own decision where to stay and rent an apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia.

00:00 Intro
00:39 3 main neighborhoods for expats in Tbilisi, Georgia: Vera, Vake, Saburtalo. Where to live and rent an apartment?
01:00 Vera district in Tbilisi, Georgia (where we rented an apartment for 2,5 months)
01:47 Vake district in Tbilisi, Georgia
02:40 Saburtalo district in Tbilisi, Georgia
03:55 ❤️ Vera in Tbilisi: walk around the neighborhood.
05:33 How to top up your phone in Vera, Tbilisi
05:52 Grocery shopping in Vera: Spar shop
06:27 Cosmetics and household things shop in Vera: Clean house
06:49 Grocery shopping in Vera: Nikora shop
08:17 Street dogs in Tbilisi, Georgia
11:46 Grocery shopping in Vera, Tbilisi: EuroProduct shop
13:07 Cafe Entree in Tbilisi, Georgia
13:24 ❤️ Vake in Tbilisi: walk around the neighborhood
13:29 Ska Juice bar / cafe in Vake, Tbilisi
13:42 Walking around the streets in Vake, Tbilisi
14:45 Mziuri Park in Tbilisi, Georgia (Vake)
15:14 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue in Tbilisi, Georgia
20:47 Cable car to Turtle Lake your n Tbilisi, Georgia
21:49 Paul French Cafe/Restaurant in Vake, Tbilisi
23:54 ❤️ Saburtalo in Tbilisi: walk around the neighborhood
23:55 Pekini Avenue, shopping, metro area in Saburtalo
26:21 New condos, high rise apartment buildings for rent in Saburtalo, Tbilisi


sun shines through the leaves by Babasmas
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