Buying an apartment in Georgia country might seem attractive, especially with the cheap prices of real estate in Batumi. But before jumping into the idea, you have to think twice. The investing climate in the country remains interesting for many reasons : cost-effective lifestyle, safe and friendly environment, modern banking system, soft property tax regulations etc. If you are planning to buy a property in Georgia the very first of the questions you ask yourself might be “Where?”, the common answer to that question is either Tbilisi or Batumi. Read More:

Time Stamps:
01:29 Introduction on real estate investment in Batumi.
02:05 Is real estate in Batumi cheap?
03:00 How did investors make money in Batumi?
04:30 The effect of coronavirus on real estate in Georgia
08:17 Was COVID-19 pandemic the first hit on real estate market in Georgia?
09:42 Is there a real estate bubble in Batumi?

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